Westell 327W

Westell 327W

Westell – The North American high-speed internet service provider and it is being in the market doing the services for more than 30 years. You are going to be on the internet with Westell 327w the wireless modem product of Westell which is being supplied with AT&T DSL internet service. It provides the internet access with reliability and high speed technology and the product has been introduced into the market in the year 2005. The product is a combined product of both router and modem under the brand of Westell VersaLink Gateway.

Westell 327W has both the wireless and wired Ethernet connectivity ports for unbiased and nonstop home networking service. The product puts an end to the problematic issues of busy signals prevailing among the traditional dial-up modems. The configuration process is very simple and clean as long as your home has the DSL connection.

westell 327w

Westell 327w Features

The installation and configuration of Westell 327W doesn’t need any critical steps just with simple steps of connecting the hardware with power and configure it with the use of the software provided with VersaLink and you are on the go to use the internet. Here are the main features of the product

a) Even if you don’t have Linux or Mac Os your internet connection works fine.

b) The built in PPPoE helps to eliminate the use of any connection software for your PC.

c) The date rates are very high and faster to transfer the internet connection without any flaws.

d) It supports wide range of network interfaces like Ethernet, wireless 802.11b/g/g+ and ADSL and also it has few optional features of WAN port, VLAN tagging and HotSpot.

e) No cable issues.

f) Multiple computers can be connected with the use of wireless built in router.

g) Both wired and wireless connections made possible because of its routing feature.

h) Installation is so simple and done within minutes.

i) SmartBeam offers Wi-Fi and ADSL2+ for superior and triple play services.

j) Smart antenna technology provides powerful and reliable services.

Configuration Instructions

Here are the steps to configure the Westell 327w

1. Plug in the power source and connect the phone line to the jack provided and into the modem. Let all the lights on the modem turn green.

2. If you are going to connect it through wired then the Ethernet should be connected to the computer and for connecting it through wireless the modem’s antenna should be plugged in.

3. When it is connected via wireless select the Westell 327w modem among the available Wi-Fi connections shown on your system.

4. Type “” on your browser’s address bar and hit go.

5. Provide the user name and the password and press the “connect” option.

6. You are now ready to use the internet with Westell 327w.

Westell 327w Price

You can buy Westell 327w from various reliable sellers with the price range of $10 to 20$ and the shipping cost would be extra. Before you go with the product it is advisable to compare with the available prices in the market. You can also buy used products on Amazon which is one of the leading online market selling electronic gadgets at nominal price.